Bus Tours and Buses – 3 Tips For Travelling From Mexico City to Puebla, Mexico

Trip to Puebla

Bus Tours and Buses – 3 Tips For Travelling From Mexico City to Puebla, Mexico

You’ve probably heard of Mexican beaches and may even have spent some time in Puebla, Mexico, yourself. If you’re thinking about a trip to Mexico one of the first things you should plan is your route. Because Mexico’s travel routes tend to follow the Mexico-American border, finding accommodation can often prove to be more of a problem than planning the trip. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to get around without getting lost.

The typical price of a seven-day trip to Puebla ranges from just over twenty dollars to around forty dollars. Puebla’s hotel prices range from just over twenty to around forty dollars per night with the majority of accommodations costing considerably less than that. Mexico’s bus system, called Metropoles, is also affordable. Most people traveling by bus will arrive at their destination through Mexico’s airport. For a two hours’ day trip that includes bus fare, transportation, meals, and souvenirs, it’s a very reasonable price.

One way to get around Mexico without being at all exhausted is via a rental car. Almost all major car rental companies have branches in Mexico City as well as several other major cities throughout the country. Renting a car allows you to take advantage of all of the sights, activities, and restaurants while still allowing you to return to your luxury hotel in Mexico. This is a great alternative to making several day trips on public transport.

If you’re not quite ready to take the bus or train but still want to experience all that Puebla has to offer, there are options for you as well. There are numerous taxis and buses in Mexico City that will transport you around in style. However, they can cost as much as a hundred dollars depending on the time of day of the week. There’s also a private transfer bus service in the Mexico city for just two hours that can take you around the city for just two hundred dollars. If you are planning to stay for just a couple of days or less, this is a great deal.

Finally, if you are looking for a great value, you should definitely check out a car hire service in Mexico city for just a few hours. Mexico City offers plenty of choices for car rental services. You can find affordable options starting at around fifty dollars per day. A good car rental service will allow you to explore Puebla’s rich cultural heritage as well as enjoy the excitement of seeing the spectacular sights of the metro’s metro stations.

When you are planning a trip to Puebla, Mexico, make sure that you keep these suggestions in mind. It may take a little extra time and planning, but it is well worth it when you arrive in Puebla. You will be able to see all that Mexico City has to offer, whether you are traveling alone or as a group. Mexico City tours can get expensive, but you can cut your costs by finding affordable options. There are bus services and taxis that will allow you to see many of the sights in Mexico City for just a few hundred dollars per day. If you are planning to stay longer, a car rental will allow you to enjoy even more of what Mexico City has to offer.